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For CIOs, a focus on a Results-Only Work Environment is key. When you can’t judge an employee’s effectiveness by how many hours a day they show up, you are forced to look at what they produce. -- Forbes

Our Master Trainers have the credentials to work with your unique organization on-site to customize ROWE education, consulting and change management services. We're serious about developing a workforce where everyone is focused solely on what matters to your business.

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what our clients have to say

I wanted to have an objective third party, expert in ROWE, to work with my team and deal with concerns, objections, pushback. I didn’t want them to think ‘Here’s another crazy idea from the entrepreneur.’ I knew an outside expert would validate the change. It really worked! At the end of the training, the team was on board.
— Vernon Menard, COO, Choice Translating, Inc., ROWE Certified Organization
We went through a ROWE Team Workshop with CultureRx 1.5 years ago. Since then, we’ve enjoyed increased productivity, higher client satisfaction rates, and better quality of life for our employees (which is a huge differentiator in the accounting industry). Our team is currently utilizing the GO ROWE Online System as a refresher tool, and we’re finding it to be an excellent experience. For anyone who has gone through ROWE training, the system provides some great reminders on the foundational elements of a ROWE, as well some new ways of thinking about communication/collaboration concepts and goal-setting that have us on our toes again!
— Kristina Fabbian, Marketing Director, The Garabedian Group, ROWE Certified Organization
ROWE was a great decision for our company. Our CultureRx Master Trainer really understood our starting point, what challenges we were facing and what we wanted to accomplish. Not only was the trainer one of the best facilitators I’ve ever seen, but she taught us how ROWE works, helped us see how it fits our unique culture and encouraged and prodded where it was needed. Our team is working through the shift to an outcome focus and is feeling motivated, empowered and excited to work in a ROWE culture. We’re adapting the principles to our business and values and greatly appreciated how our training workshop kick-started this evolution. We are proud to be part of a forward-thinking cultural change that benefits our people and our company and likely will be the wave of the future (or should be). I’ve even heard a few team members tell me it has been life changing.
— Ellen Taaffe, President, Smith-Dahmer Associates (Former VP of PepsiCo, Whirlpool Corporation, and Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.), ROWE Certified Organization

Researchers found ROWE reduced costly employee turnover by 45%, based on an eight-month study of 775 employees.
— The Wall Street Journal

The [ROWE] research found that employees in the experimental group met their goals as reliably as those in the control group, and they were, in short, much happier: They were sleeping better, were healthier and experienced less stress. Other studies examining the same workplace found that the effects even cascaded down to employees’ children, who reported less volatility around their own daily stresses; adolescents saw the quality of their sleep improve. A year out, and then three years out, employees in the experimental group reported less interest in leaving the organization than those in the control group.
— New York Times Magazine

the new workplace standards

  • Performance conversations are ongoing, not relegated to an annual review process.
  • Employee accountability and responsibility are expected and rewarded. 
  • Nobody talks about how many hours they work (from Why Work Sucks). The focus is on the work being accomplished.
  • Results-focused collaboration is required.
  • Work isn't a place you go, it's something you do (from Why Work Sucks).
  • Managers address performance issues, not attendance or tardiness issues.
  • Productivity is the new workplace currency.
  • The customer is at the center of all decisions.
  • No results? No job. That's the new employee agreement.